How to turn on trace logging

I am Testing the Workflow Action Pack. I have created an Workflow with Send Email with Attachment. Sometimes the workflow couplets successfully but sometimes it throws a Error Message like Exception: There was an error processing the request.
In ULS Logs I can compare the successful runs with the not successful and I see some Issues related to Authentication.
Is there something in the Workflows to turn on Trace Logging to get some more Information about what went wrong? We have a Two Frontend, two Cache, Two Application with Search topologie



Hello Dominik. Does the workflow contain only one Plumsail action? If it doesn't, please log a record after each action into workflow history to track on which one the error is thrown. If the latter occurs on sending e-mail (or it is the only action in the workflow), please try to run the action as a publisher or within an app step. I have combined both methods on the screenshot below, but you try one first and then, the another.

Thank You e.evseychik for the Help.
The Problem was that the Workflow Action Pack was not proper installed on one of our Front end Server. We have two. After reinstalling the Workflow works every time.
By the way, in the Process of installing the Workflow Action Pack, at the end, I got a error message, something like " version number to short or to long" but the Pack was installed properly.

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