How to write JS/CSS code outside plumsail forms and call the code URL in plumsail forms

I can see, SharePoint modern page is a single app page web part and because of that not possible to add content editor web part on top of the form.

Is there any other way to add Jquery code outside plumsail forms javascript placeholder.

It will save time for updating the code and see the results immediately without making the changes in the plumsail form


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Hi Ram,

I have used the jQuery $.getScript() method to reference javascript outside the form, as demonstrated in this forum post: Difference between two dates in years, months, days in JavaScript


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Hello @Ram_Raj,

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You can either use method suggested by @Andrew or use RequireJS library which we've recently built into Plumsail Forms. You can find the example in this article.

Thanks for your suggestion

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