Import from Office 365 Users to a Sahrepoint List

I am trying to create a Power App that is working in some way to make a list on SharePoint with all the users in order to use this to feed the Plaumsail Org Chart.
I am having a problem with the photo URL, do you know a way how to extract it?

Thank you

Hello! If the data source is a SharePoint list, the photo can be displayed only by the link. The latter may be a public one available for everyone in the Internet or a link within the site where Org Chart is located. In your case, I would advise:

  • create a folder in a library on the same SharePoint site where Org Chart is located;
  • in your flow, get the picture content (for simplify, I hardcoded most of the data):
  • create a file using the retrieved content in the mentioned folder:
  • update the accordant record in the Org Chart list, build the photo URL using the SharePoint site address and the path output of the previous action:
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Thank you very much!
Excuse me, how would you do it for it to read each one of the profile pics on Office 365 Users?
That would help me a lot, and how to match them with the column? I mean, there must be something like matching the email then store the url in the field of the column
I appreciate your help

To go through all users and import them to a SharePoint list, please use the approach described in this article. You can match the users and pictures by any unique field, for example the e-mail one.

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Thank you very much I did it!! thanks to you

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