Import tickets from previous Ticket system


We have now made a New Ticket site, where 2 departments is sharing.
We had before two sites.
Is it possible to import Tickets form one of the old sites to the new site.

Brian Smidt
[email protected]

Hi @CJC,

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to migrate tickets from to instances into a one. The development team will discuss on Monday possible options. I will post the results here.

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Hi @CJC,

I’ve got a reply from the dev team.

In a couple of weeks we will release an update that will include an ability to add custom characters to ticket numbers.

We would suggest to wait for the release of this new feature, then to pick one of your existing sites as the new united site or create a new instance for this purpose.

In the site that you pick as the main site, you would need to set a custom tickets numeration rule. Then you would need to set forwarding rules so that replies to tickets from the old instance/instances would be sent to the new instance. The custom numeration rule will ensure that comments to old same numbers tickets will not be mixed up. These comments will just create new tickets.

If you pick one of the current instances as the new united one only comments sent to the second instance will create new tickets and, thus, loose their history. Therefore, the option to set one of the current instances as the united one looks to me like a preferable option.

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Hello - we are switching over to Plumsail as our new ticketing system but need to transfer over a mass amount of tickets, is there a solution for this?

Hello Charlene! It is hard to say. It depends on many factors: what ticketing system you use, what export tools it has, what is the structure of the exported data. If it is possible to retrieve the data from the old system through Power Automate, it is not a big deal to transfer the data.

Also, it it really necessary to move the old tickets? You could start using HelpDesk from scratch and keep the old ticketing sites as archive of the old data. I do not think that your access to it will stop when its subscription expires, won't it?