InfoPath forms

We have quite a lot of InfoPath forms that have associated workflows. Do you have a method for Set and Get InfoPath inner xml fields?


Hello phread,

Currently we don’t have such functionality, but your case looks interesting could you please tell us more about your business case? I think we can add some more workflow actions to work with InfoPath forms.

We use InfoPath forms for quite a few tasks : IS resource requests, Surplus material disposition, Cost Savings accounting. The InfoPath forms are loaded into a form library in Sharepoint. We do not have all of the fields in the form promoted to fields in the library. Nor do we want them to be. Some of the forms have multiple variations depending upon the options chosen.
In the workflows we interrogate the form fields under certain conditions and update information on the form depending upon the actions taken in the workflow - such as approvals and comments.

Let me know if you want further detail or have any questions.

Did you happen to find a way to update your xml data without promoting all fields to the library in 2013? This is an issue we currently face as well.