Ink Sketch field - image upload in Airtable

I'm using an Ink Sketch field to gather signatures - the form is linked to Airtable using Zapier.

The Zap works fine to move data to Airtable - but if I map the Ink Sketch field to a file upload/attachment field in Airtable nothing comes through. If I map to a regular text field I get a number which is something to do with the image (e.g. ..... (carries on for several lines) - how do i get the image created in the Ink Sketch field into Airtable?


Dear @Chris1,
The image is in base64, it first needs to be converted with expression


and then you can create a file from it, like described here - Solved: Is there a way to convert Base64 string to image a... - Power Platform Community


Thanks for this - as far as I can see this applies if I am using the version of forms for Sharepoint, but I cant see where to do this if i am not using sharepoint.... I am working with Plumsail forms, Zapier and Airtable. Thanks!

Dear @Chris1,
This example is for Power Automate, but it could work not only with SharePoint, but with other systems as well - it's how to create a file from base64 string.

You could try to do the same in Zapier with this connecter using Decode Base64 string action - Base64 Encoder/Decoder Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier