Input parameters

Is it possible to include input parameters, defined as “Initiation form parameters”, when starting a given site WF through the scheduler?
I cannot find a way to do this currently.

Unfortunately it is not possible, as workaround you can create another workflow which will start the main with required parameters.

If you describe your case, may be we can suggest a better solution.

The idea was to reduce the need to duplicate workflows due to the fact that different features should be run at various intervals.
Functions share a great deal of common logic.
Function 1 - run daily
Function 2 - weekly

Input field: choice: day/week
Schedule WF: Run daily
In WF:
IF week THEN
Function 2
Function 1
Function 2

Thanks for explanation.
I hope we implement this feature in next release.
Additionally If it is required for your project I can offer you our paid support, to know more please write request to [email protected].

Thanks. Looking forward to that.
I guess an acceptable workaround is to create two dummy workflows initiation the mail WF with appropriate parameters.