Inserting multiple images in Plumsail doc from Airtable

I am working with Airtable/Stacker, Zapier and Plumsail documents.

My users upload images to Airtable/Stacker, which I would like to display in a plumsail document - I use the following to insert each image: {{image 1}:picture(200)}

This works fine if there is only one image, but fails if there is more than one image in the Airtable cell I am transferring data from. Is it possible to have the plumsail document display more than one image if there is more than one?

Unfortunately Airtable does not have the capability to limit upload fields to a single file.


Hi @Chris1,

Try to place the picture token into a table cell and then run the documents generation. It will place each picture from the Airtable cell into a new table cell in DOCX.

For example, this is DOCX template:

This is the Airtable cell with 2 pictures in one cell:

And the result:

You can adjust the table for your needs, make the borders invisible, etc.

Please give it a try.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Thanks for looking at this!

Unfortunately it doesnt seem to help - it just put this error into the table cell:

Value cannot be
converted with formatter picture: Call failed with status code 400 (Bad
Request): GET,https://cdn.files.s

Where I only have one image in each cell it works fine, but as soon as their are multiple it generates this. Is there something I need to do in Zapier to change the format it is sending the image to Plumsail?

Hi @Chris1,

I tested it with the Airtable extension for Plumsail documents. Could you give it a try?

Best regards,
Plumsail team