Install Error at Installing 'Themes'



We are getting errors when we get up to the ‘Themes’ installation part of the install wizard. The error message is below; seems to be something to do with discarding a check out.

Could this be something to do with our taxonomy settings?

The full log is below. We have tried on different sites and in different ways, letting the install wizard create a site and creating a site beforehand for it to install too with the same results.

Thanks very much,

11:44:14: Installation started…
11:44:41: HelpDesk site is created.
11:44:50: HelpDesk instance is registered.
11:44:58: ‘Remove manager’ is deployed.
11:44:58: ‘HD registration’ is deployed.
11:45:03: ‘HD library’ is deployed.
11:45:19: ‘Common files’ is deployed.
11:45:25: ‘Organizations list’ is deployed.
11:45:49: ‘Contacts list’ is deployed.
11:45:52: ‘Tags list’ is deployed.
11:46:13: ‘SLA policies list’ is deployed.
11:46:43: ‘Ticket metadata list’ is deployed.
11:46:52: ‘Ticket statuses list’ is deployed.
11:47:55: ‘Tickets list’ is deployed.
11:48:11: ‘Comments list’ is deployed.
11:48:19: ‘Comment forms’ is deployed.
11:48:42: ‘Contact forms’ is deployed.
11:49:04: ‘Triggers list’ is deployed.
11:49:11: ‘Ticket statuses forms’ is deployed.
11:49:32: ‘Ticket forms’ is deployed.
11:49:39: ‘Navigation list’ is deployed.
11:50:00: ‘Tickets list UI’ is deployed.
11:50:02: ‘Upgrade manager’ is deployed.
11:50:14: ‘Widget configurations list’ is deployed.
11:50:39: ‘Scheduler tasks list’ is deployed.
11:50:46: ‘Canned responses list’ is deployed.
11:50:56: ‘Top menu items list’ is deployed.
11:51:50: ‘Settings page’ is deployed.
11:52:07: ‘Knowlege base’ is deployed.
11:52:12: ‘Core javascript’ is deployed.
11:52:26: Error occured during installation Theme.
11:52:26: There was an error while provisioning definition. Check ModelNode prop.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerException: You cannot discard check out because there is no checked in version of the document. Please delete this document instead.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientRequest.ProcessResponseStream(Stream responseStream)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientRequest.ProcessResponse()
at SPMeta2.CSOM.Services.Impl.DefaultClientRuntimeContextService.InternalExecuteQuery(ClientRuntimeContext context)
at SPMeta2.CSOM.Services.Impl.DefaultClientRuntimeContextService.ExecuteQuery(ClientRuntimeContext context)
at SPMeta2.CSOM.Extensions.ClientRuntimeContextExtensions.ExecuteQueryWithTrace(ClientRuntimeContext context)
at SPMeta2.CSOM.ModelHandlers.ModuleFileModelHandler.WithSafeFileOperation(List list, File file, Func2 action, Action1 onCreated, Boolean doesFileHasListItem)
at SPMeta2.CSOM.ModelHandlers.ModuleFileModelHandler.WithSafeFileOperation(List list, File file, Func`2 action, Boolean doesFileHasListItem)
at SPMeta2.CSOM.ModelHandlers.ModuleFileModelHandler.ProcessFile(FolderModelHost folderHost, ModuleFileDefinition definition)
at SPMeta2.CSOM.ModelHandlers.ModuleFileModelHandler.DeployModel(Object modelHost, DefinitionBase model)
at SPMeta2.Services.Impl.DefaultModelTreeTraverseService.Traverse(Object modelHost, ModelNode modelNode)


Hi @GaryHummerston,

Thank you for your message.

Looks like there is an issue with checking in the theme css.

Please follow the steps below and try to install the help desk to a new site:

  1. Remove this file: <Site collection>/Style%20Library/en-US/Themable/Plumsail/HelpDesk/plumsail.helpdesk.theme.css
  2. If there is no /plumsail.helpdesk.theme.css file, open settings of “Style library”, navigate to the menu item below and remove /plumsail.helpdesk.theme.css if it is there.
  3. Remove this file: <Site collection>/_catalogs/theme/15/plumsail.hd.palette.spcolor

Then try to install help desk again.

We will research the issue and make improvements in the installation process in future releases.


Brilliant, has worked fine!

I think it was just to do with our taxonomy blocking the file from being checked back in.

Thanks again,