Is it possible add photos as an answer to questions on a form

Hi All,
I'm just new to this forum and quite keen on using this product as it seems great.
A question I have though is:-

  • Is it possible to add photos as an answer?

Thanks in advance

Hello @naijacoder,

Welcome to Plumsail Community!

Could you please tell me more about what you want to design so that I can offer you the best option.

Thank you!

Hi Mnikitina,
As i said in my original post. Is it possible to add Images to Questions and Answers?
For example to a radio button etc..?
See example here from google forms

thanks in advance

Hello @naijacoder,

Thank you for the details!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add an image to a radio button or checkbox. But we can add this feature, however, that would be paid support. If you are interested, you can write us to mailto:[email protected] and we will discuss the details.