Is it possible to build a Community Portal using Plumsail tools?

How can I build out a community portal similar to the one used by Plumsail for my organization's use? Is that even possible? ..and are there any instructions or a template that I could use?

For context, our Leadership team is essentially requesting a portal that users are able to post inquiries/requests but also be able to search an archive or knowledge base to see if the question may have already been asked previously. So, this tells me that they wish for the system to have OCR or smart search and indexing capability. They also wanted to be able to categorize items as well as have our own internal teams to provide backend support. As I envisioned how/what to build to meet the specifications, I wondered if it is possible to build out a tool almost exactly like this community page. Was not really sure how to categorize this ask..

Hello @immaculateMESS,

Plumsail Community is built with Discourse.

Understood. Thank you for that information!