Is Plumsail what we need?

Hi guys

Just trying to figure out if the workflow schedule and possibly actions is what we need.

We have two SharePoint online lists, users and bookings, the users will have a list of days mon-fri (tickboxes) and bookings is a list of what users are booked on what days.

Ideally every Sunday night we’d like a workflow to go through the users list and create any bookings for the days they have ticked, i’m not sure if this is even possible out of the box, but even if it was my experience with workflows is that they can be temperamental.

Would this be able to be achieved with the actions and scheduler bundle?

Hello @PrestigeIT, thank you for your message.

If I understand your case correctly, you want to move items between two lists in your SP or do you want to create an item in the bookings list based on data in the users list? In this case, it’s essential to know the structure of these lists (their columns) and how do you want to transfer this data between these lists. So, could you please send me a screenshot of these lists (if they contain some sensitive information you can send it to me via PM)?

No i want a workflow to loop through one list and create items in a second list, i can do this with out the box sharepoint workflows and im comfortable actually creating the workflows myself, but as far as i’m aware i can’t schedule this task to run at a particular time/day.

So the question is are the Plumsail utilities robust enough to run these workflows at the predetermined times or is this going to fall over and require some babysitting like it would out-of-the-box

@PrestigeIT, thank you for the clarification.

Our Workflow Scheduler is robust, but it depends whether you configured your workflows right. I mean, it will start the workflow at the predetermined time anyway, but the workflow could be terminated because, for example, there is already an item with the same name or something like that.