Is there a way to get Document Library controls in the Related Documents view?

In the classic Forms Designer, you were able to control options in the designer to show a toolbar in the Related Items view (for example the New Item/New Document button).

Is there a way to expose this functionality in the modern version of forms? Would I need to use a widget and are there any examples I could work from?

Kind regards

Dear Andy,

Yes, you can customize List/Library control in Forms as Related items control in Forms Designer:

To hide “Add New Item” you can set “readonly” property to “false”.

A “widget” property can be very useful for more complex tasks, it holds kendoGrid instance:

Thanks, sorry for my late reply, presumably I can access library properties within a kendo grid instance?

I want to be able to specify the content type as you would normally in a classic library (that has multiple content types attached to it) under the ‘New’ button, is this possible?

Dear Andy,

This functionality is not supported yet, but as a workaround, you can put Content Type field to a default Content type’s form and switch the content type after opening a New form dialog.

We can look into implementing this functionality for you - to replace ‘Add new item’ button with a dropdown button with a Content Type selection, just let us know your requirements and send it to us to [email protected]

Implementing custom functionality will require you to purchase extra support time (2 hour) from our store