Issue after moving a list and its form


I have copied a list (~100 columns, ~400 items) from one site (ITDept) to another (Projects). I created a new list based on the original, and then ran a power automate flow to move the data.

I then exported the form, and imported it to the new site/list.

Now, when I use the form on the new site (Projects) to make a change and save it, I get this error message:

Sorry, something went wrong
List does not exist.
The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.
[TECHNICAL DETAILS](http s:// /ITDept /_layouts /15/listform.aspx?PageType=6&ListId=a3882bb4-84fe-4c6a-8d95-f0e1f79dd61b&ID=604#)
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Correlation ID: 2aec16a1-20a9-8000-50f1-641af0886385
Date and Time: 20/03/2024 08:58:26

And when I click on the "go back to site" link, it takes me to the old list site (the ITDEPT site in the error message above).

What have I done wrong? Why does the form think it is linked to the old site/list rather than the new one?


Dear @Nick.Jones,
Most columns should be okay, but make sure you check every field and control that's connected to another list - all lookup fields and controls, List or Library controls, etc.

Most likely you have a broken lookup field in this new list or on the form.

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Hi Nikita,

Thanks - it was an issue with the child lists, that I also copied over, still being connected to the old site.