Issue Rendering Text and Buttons on Plumsail Forms

We've observed a persistent issue with the rendering of Plumsail Forms on Sharepoint. Specifically, when navigating to a page, rather than displaying normally, the form displays with smaller text and smaller buttons than it ought to.

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

The issue resolves itself upon refreshing the page, and then displays as expected. It occurs consistently whenever the page is navigated to from a different page, even if it was just refreshed, and even if the form is open and displaying as expected in another tab. The issue has also been observed on Android phones using Chrome and iPhones using Safari.

Hello @Emil_Heidkamp,

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Does this occur for all forms or for a specific form? Is the form embedded in the page using the Plumsail web part?

What SharePoint version are you using? SharePoint Online or On-premises?

If you are on SharePoint Online, please check the app package version. Find it in the browser console (F12) >> Sources >> Page >>