Issue with Plumsail Forms and Signatures

Wondering if anyone could help?

I’m using Plumsail forms to capture a user's “application”, the details of which are updated into a SharePoint list.

I then use a Power Automate flow to create a word document from a template using the details from the list. This avoids the need for premium connectors.

One of the fields captured by the Plumsail form is a signature (Ink Sketch) stored as “data:image/png;base64”.

My issue is the signature field is not imbedding into the word doc correctly, it just displays the raw data.

I’ve tried converting this to a binary field using dataUriToBinary, but to no avail.

Compose Strip Quotes Applicant Signature

Compose - Convert Applicant Signature - base64 to binary

Has anyone encountered any similar issues? And how did you resolve them?

Hi @MikeW,

To insert an image into DOCX template you need to use * picture formatter. The template token syntax looks like this:


Could you confirm that you use the formatter? If it's possible please share your DOCX template and the Power Automate flow in Edit mode to see the actions settings.

Best regards,
Plumsail team