Issue with workflow action "Create Site" on an Office 365 pu

I am attempting to use the “Create Site” action on a Office 365 public site. When I attempt to run the workflow,the workflow is stuck in “workflow in progress” and if I click on the information icon, I get the following error (I replaced my personal information with x):

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to resolve this.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Ray,
Thank you for your question, we need some time to research this issue, It will take one-two days.
For now I can say that this issue is related to standard mechanism of SharePoint workflow and If you run workflow as an anonymous user, your workflow can’t access common workflow context information. I think this is your case.
Could you also clarify, does an anonymous user start a workflow?

I have been trying to run the workflow using the same account that is configured in the workflow for the create site action - it is not an anonymous account.

Hello Ray,

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce your issue. Could you send a screenshot of your workflow (without sensitive data) and workflow history to [email protected]?