Issue with Workflow Scheduler


After successfully building a workflow using the Plumsail Actions Pack for O365 I wanted try out the scheduler.

Yesterday I setup a workflow schedule to run at 11:59pm on Tuesdays. Last night it didn't run and when I looked at the scheduler it shows that the next run time is 12/15/14 at 11:59pm a whole day earlier (Monday rather than Tuesday).

Am I missing something? I've included screenshots to hopefully assist. If you notice in the main window it shows a last run of 12/10 at 6:42am which was me manually triggering it to run.


It seems like a bug, it’s related to timezone, I’ll pass to developers.
Thank you for your help.

Hi There,

Not trying to beat a dead horse here but is there some kind of notification I can be put on when this is fixed or looked at or whatever? Or maybe a changelog somewhere on the website that I’m missing.


We will fix this bug after new year as temporary solution you can to change your start time at 11:30PM, it will work.

Hello there! I never heard about this one but now i think i should know about that, can anyone help me to knowing that Plumsail work scheduler, now i am working in writing area like dissertation writing, so i don’t know about it.

Hello Daisy221,
Thanks for reaching us.
Can you please explain to us what is your question exactly so we can help you?

Best regards,
Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.

i have created schedule action to run everyday at 3 pm automatically. but schedule not working at schedule time instead we have to click manually then it works.(as per screenshots)

plumsail.docx (32.9 KB)

let me know the solutions for this issue