Javascript not working in display form

I have an issue where my javascript is not working in the display form but is with the edit and new forms. I was wondering if anybody would have a clue why that would be? Here is a screenshot and my code which is working:
fd.spRendered(function() {

$(".FieldTable tr:gt(1)").each(function(){
if($(this).children('td').first().find("input").val() == "")
var x=2;
$(".AddRow").click(function(){$(".FieldTable tr:eq("+x+")").show();x++})
var x=3;
$(".DeleteRow").click(function(){$(".FieldTable tr:eq("+x+")").hide();x--})

Display Form not working:

New Form working:


Dear @ryankohn,
I am guessing this part doesn’t work on Display form:


There are no input fields, just text.

Thank you very much! One little thing can make a big difference! I replaced with .find("*") and it works perfectly now!