Join Dictionary Values

I have a workflow that gets the attachments from a list item and saves them to a dictionary. Then I use Join Dictionary Values and Send Email with Attachments to send the attachments to a user. Everything works properly unless there are more than 3 attachments on the list item. In this instance I get an error message similar to the one in your Tips, Tricks, and Traps Blog post regarding Logging Dictionary Values to the history. (We are not actually logging the value, but we get the same error at the Join Dictionary stage.)

As a workaround, I am counting Dictionary items and if there are more than 3, I am sending an email with a link to the list item and not including the documents as attachments. If there are less than 3, I am still sending the attachments with the email. Is this my only option or is there a better way to send several attachments with the email?

My Workflow Stage is currently:


Hello Shelly,

We were able to reproduce the issue, currently I can’t say why it is occurs, we are still research it. I will let you know as soon as we get new information.
Thanks for the detailed description.