JS code made with Forms 2 designer not displayed in Forms 3

The JS code created with forms 2.07 designer is not displayed in Forms 3.x.
Looks like the Current Form tab is missing...

Hey @ALF,

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Try exporting the forms with 2.07 version and importing them back with the 3.x one.
Also, please send me the exported forms in a PM, we need to look into this.

Thanks for your fast follow-up!
Yes, after having done the import / export steps, the code is now well listed in V3.4.1

I send you the .xfds file for your analysis.

Hey @ALF,

I haven't received anything yet. How did you send the file?

Sorry, but haven't found your PM...

Hey @ALF,

You can click my profile picture and choose "Message", or you can drop the file at support@plumsail.com, either option works great.