Latest news and updates on Forms for SharePoint 2019 (on-premises)

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Added a web part for publishing forms to any pages

Added field customizers (Data Table, Ink Sketch, Likert Scale)

Added read-only mode for Likert Scale control

Added support of multi-lingual sites

Improved List or Library control

Improved Lookup field

Improved User field

Learn how to Populate fields with profile information:

  • Name,
  • Job Title,
  • Department,
  • Manager Name.

Learn how to Duplicate selected item on button click in List or Library control.

Learn how to Enable versioning for Forms and restore the previous version.

Learn how to Manipulate Date and DateTime fields:

  • Add to or Subtract from a Date,
  • Calculate the number of days between two dates,
  • Calculate the number of business days between dates,
  • Calculate the number of business hours between dates.

We have updated the documentation on Wizard Container.

Please have a look and learn how to manipulate and hide/show steps.

Please learn how to populate dropdown with data from SharePoint list from another site collection in the new article here.

When you need to design forms that are almost identical for different groups, and you don't want to use the form sets, you can manipulate fields dynamically depending on groups the current user belongs to.
For instance, when you need to hide a few fields from all users except the users of a certain group.

Please see the example in the 'Make a form dynamic based on user's membership' article.

Learn how to design a simple reservation system in the Conference room reservation system article. The approach from the article can be applied in booking systems for hotels, restaurants, meeting, or conference planning.