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I have been testing Org Chart on my on-prem SharePoint 2013 installation and I am very satisfied with the app. I was looking to te “Buy” page and I found that there are different versions of Org Chat with different prices and I would like to know what differences exists between Org Chart for SharePoint 2013 $549.00 and Org Chart for SharePoint 2013 Developer License $150.00?
My intention is use org chart to build an organizational chart from User Profiles and make some Changes to the color schema.

One more question is it will be possible to create organizational chart from lists in SharePoint 2013 Online (Office 365)?


Hi Americo,

Thank you for your question.

Dev version can be used for non-production servers only. It displays message that it is a developer version, but it works as fully functional version.

We provide Dev version for On-Premises installation only. For Office 365 there is only annual subscription per domain it costs $299:!/Org-Chart- … ry=8836118

How do we associate the plumsail forms with tenant when it is associated with particular user?

Hello @ShantiBhattarai,

You can bind a tenant to your email in Plumsail account.

Login to your account, choose Forms from the product list and go to the License tab.

Click Add tenant and specify the domain name. Follow the instructions.

Note that you need to have admin permission for a SharePoint site to perform this action.