License and contact

I would like to apologize myself in advance. I kown that is not the rigth place to ask that.

But, Did someone have any problems to get the license? I have already sent several emails to [email protected] and didn´t get any answer. The original license will expire on May 1st and so far I´m just waiting the workflow stop working.

Hello Adriano,

May I ask you to check the spam folder.
I suppose it might be marked as spam because contains an attachment.

Also, I sent you a PM message and email with download link.

Dear Roman.

It worked! Thx a lot!

I don´t have permission to send PM so, can I ask another question?

I forgot to request the license for my development server. Can you send me again the files? I just sent the email right now.

Sorry and thx


Sent the link to PM and duplicated via email.

Hi Roman,

I tried to install de devlopment version on my server and I´m getting an error. Could you help me on it?

Edit: I don´t know if you can see the picture. Anyway the image address is:



I may suppose that something wrong with web.config file on the web application.
Please try to open it via a text editor and find this line Access-Control-Access-Original.

Also, you can find more details about the error in ULS logs.

It worked. Tks a lot

Hi Roman,

I need another help. I Can´t send you PM yet, so…

I bought Forms Designer as well, but so far I didn´t get any email or license file. Can you explain me how to proceed? because I send emails either to plumsail and spforms and get no answer at all


Dmitry sent me an PM and I tried to answer it, but so far my message is still in the outbox, (since 06th, May did he receive it?). There is some problem about plumsail sending email to my company address and till now I can´t use the app that I bought a month ago.