Likert Scale Evaluation


Are your forms suitable for tests based on the Likert scale with two types of questions/sentences: +keyed and -keyed? Positively-keyed and negatively-keyed sentences are evaluated in the opposite way: if, for instance, we have 5 answers evaluated from 0 (strongly disagree) to +4 (strongly agree) for the +keyed items, the -keyed will be evaluated in a reverse direction, from +4 (strongly disagree) to 0 (strongly agree).


Hi Margaret,

There is no real limitation as to what answers there could be in a Likert Scale control, but different types of answers should be in different Likert Scales controls.

So, if you only want to use 1 Likert Scale control, it will be impossible to have different answers within it, but you can use several controls and customize the answers as much as necessary.