Likert Scale format

I have a Likert scale control with 8 questions. It takes up a lot of screen space - is there a way to make it more compact?

Can I have the question appear on the same line as the answers instead of above them?
Can I control the line spacing?

Dear @donald.kantik,
You can adjust the Likert Scale with CSS for different screen sizes, for example, add this code to CSS editor in the theme settings:

@media (max-width: 1000px) {
    .fd-form .fd-likert-scale .fd-likert-question{
        display: flex;
        align-content: space-between
    .fd-form .fd-likert-scale .fd-likert-question .fd-likert-question-title{
        width: 15%;
        margin-right: 5%;
    .fd-form .fd-likert-scale .fd-likert-question .fd-likert-answer{
        width: 80%;

On smaller screens, it will place questions and answers inline, reducing the size.

If you want to have more out of the box settings without the need to play with styles, we'd be happy to add them, and offer paid support to implement them. You can contact us with specifications and examples at [email protected], if you're interested.