Limit for subordinaries


in our orgstructure we have manager with 56 subordinaries, but only 50 is being displayed in org-structure web-part. We reproduced this issue on out test environment, so is it possible to increase this threshold somehow?

Hi Roman,

You are right, there is limitation. You can easily extend it by adding such string to custom JavaScript editor in the configuration wizard:

renderer.config.itemsPerNodeLimit = 100

Change 100 to any other number. You can find more information in the JavaScript framework docs.

We plan to extend default limit in future release.

Best regards
Anton Khritonenkov

Hello Anton,
can we count itemsPerNode, e.g. to change the box design in order to optimize loading behaviour on many items? I.e. we have several managers which have 200+ subordinates. When setting itemsPerNodeLimit to higher values, page loading takes too much time. If we know there are many subs, we maybe can let account pictures away (different box template?) to make it load quicken?
Best regards.


Thank you for your question.

Currently, there is no way to detect it, but the delay is related mostly to SharePoint performance, but not on rendering speed. It is how fast SharePoint returns data about user profiles.

We have various suggestions how to speed up loading,it requires additional customization, improvements to the product. We have it on our roadmap but we don’t have any due date yet.

For example, we could disable expand\collapse functionality and leave drill down functionality enabled. In this case, we display just two levels at one time. This allows us to display boxes quickly but display spinning loading indicators inside the boxes. Thus, a user will see the structure, but the content of boxes will be loaded after some time. You can request this functionality from our paid support team. Just send request to [email protected]