Limiting number of columns to prevent horiztonal sprawl?

When using the Top to bottom layout the org chart is laid out with every child node spread out horizontally. I’d like to limit the horizontal spread to 4 columns. I don’t mind turning off the Enable collapsing feature so we don’t need to worry about providing space for expanding down further. If we do that is there any way to:

  1. Get the non-leaf nodes to stack with the other nodes, since expand/collapse is disabled?
  2. Get the vertical stacking to happen in 4 columns instead of 2?


Hi Jason,

Currently is it not possible to set number of columns. Our paid support team can add such support. I already sent you email message with details.

Best regards
Anton Khritonenkov

Hi there,

Do you know if this is possible to do this with CSS or Java to make it possible? We are using a trial version and want to purchase but this is a bit of a limiting factor for us with our very flat structure!
Thanks very much for anyone that can assist - would be interested to see if others have this similar query?


Hi @JulieJ

If you use SharePoint 2013/2016 version On-Premises you can resize boxes to fit visible area.

Or you can purchase our paid support to migrate Top to bottom compact layout to SharePoint 2013/2016 version.

This is how wide structure can fit a page:

As you can see there are six boxes in three columns. You will be able to manually specify max number of columns.

I will send you a direct message with estimation.