List and library control after creating no items showing

Good day, I have a list library control, and after adding new item, there is no items in list library control.

If i press arrow- next- it appears.

The issue begins after my list, where list library source is - become more than 5000 items. View show correct, and it's limited to 30 items. Users create no more then 3-5 items in list and library.
I need to show items immediatly, because they a copying on change list and library in a datatable. but for now datatable is blank.

I recreated a list view with same filter , as in previous. Status= Activ
And now it works, and page arrows disappeared. Strange...

Hello @ixxxl,

Do you see this behavior on new or edit form? Is the "Status" field indexed?

@mnikitina this happens after creating a new item. Yes field status is indexed.


I mean the parent form. What form type is it: New or Edit?

Oh, the parent is in edit type

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I'm not able to reproduce this behavior.

So after updating the list view, control displays the correct list of items and new items are added with no issues. Is that correct?

Yes, after i create a new view in a list, and select this view in connection to list and library it works fine as previously.

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