List Filter on Parent Lookup for Self

We would like to filter a list based on a lookup on the form. The lookup is to the project list. Each new RFI item is created from the parent Project form for the relationship. When a new RFI item is created we want to have the RFI list in the new form filtered by the lookup to the Project. This is to loop over the projects RFI items allowing us to increment the internal RFI number.

Hope that made sense.

Hello @Office365guy,

Do you want to filter related items on the form with the lookup field dynamically?

Please find the code examples in this article:

How does plumsail handle many-to-many relationship? like the one we can do in powerapps?
for eg one Customer can have many account and one account can be associated with many customer Thank you.

Hello @ShantiBhattarai,

Could you provide more detailed information about what you want to develop so that I can offer something.


i want a parent child relationship with many to many relationship that is parent can have many child and child can have many parent


For this, you can create a third list that will store the information about parent-child relationships.

This list should have lookup fields to parent and child items.

Then you can add List or Library control both on parent and child form and filter by current item.

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