List/Library Control shows Lookup Field in Form

Hey There,

I don't know when this happened, but in all the List/Libraries the Lookup Field is now displayed in the Form, even though the field is not present in the view or shown in the forms editor.

I added the field to the view, then it's shown twice. Then removing it from the view, just removed the copy.

I removed the app packet and installed it from the official store recently, other than that I didn't do any changes the last few months, so I don't know exactly when this started to occur.


Hi @nI3o,

Could you try creating a new view without the affected lookup field from scratch? Let me know how it goes.

I tried that already, the screenshot is the new view.


I can confirm I am also having this issue with List/Library controls.

Lookup field is showing when it is actually hidden on list view - as shown on the designer I only have the name field on my list view, but the request ID field (the lookup) is also showing when it shouldn't be:



Hi @wilsonc, hi @nI3o!

Could you both record HAR logs of the problem and send these to

  1. Start recording
  2. Open the form
  3. Wait for the List or Library control to load
  4. Stop recording

Here are instructions for recording HAR logs.


Hi @wilsonc, hi @nI3o,

Turns out the issue was caused by a bug on our side. We will release an update with a fix on Monday, June 17.


Hi @wilsonc, hi @nI3o,

The fix is out, let me know if the issue is resolved after updating.

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Yes, the issue is resolved. Thank you for the fast and precise help.

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Hi Ilia,

Yes, the issue has also been resolved for me.

Thanks very much for your help with this.

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