List of Active Directory groups in which the user is a member

Hello, Dear Plumsail Team!

I found a way to verify the user's membership of the SharePoint groups. But to avoid duplicating user administration in two systems, I would be grateful if you suggest how I could get the list of Active Directory groups of which the user is a member (with Javascript from Plumsail Forms Designer).
Thank you.
With respect, Alexandru

Hello @Cumatale,

Unfortunately, it is not possible, you can get only SharePoint user groups.

@mnikitina Would Plumsail Forms have support for Microsoft Graph API in the future? If this can be incorporated then we can use MS Graph to determine if a user is a member of an AD Group. Hopefully, this is something the development team can evaluate and include in a future release as Microsoft is continuously investing in their Graph API which would make it a very important API to include with Plumsail Forms.


Hello @stormanh,

You can use any external API, including Graph API. If it allows determining if a user is a member of the AD groups, you can use it.

But out of the box, it is possible to get only SharePoint user groups.

Just to clarify the above post, Plumsail Forms has automatic routing based on SharePoint group membership between Form Sets.

Also, you can use a Custom Routing where you can use an external API to get the Active Directory groups and check user membership.

Thank you mnikitina!

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Hello @stormanh,

We've published the article on Medium on How to create individual SharePoint forms for different Azure AD groups in Office 365 using Microsoft Graph API. I think it might be interesting for you.

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