List or Library Control - Can it be used to "browse" a sharepoint directory like Explorer?

Good Day -

I need to be able to use a List or Library control to browse to a sharepoint library wherein the user can create a folder and upload files to it. The catch is that I want the control not to show anything until those files are created.

Is this possible?? Thanks

Dear Christian,
Do you want to dynamically switch between different libraries? If so, that might not be possible.

Filtering content so that nothing is visible, and browsing through a single document library shouldn't be that hard on the other hand.

No, i just want the user to be able to browse a single library and create folders as needed.
However, once that form has been filled out, I would like it so that when they return to the EDIT/DISPLAY form - all they can see are the folders they created. Which I think I have figured out.

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Dear @ChristianWentz,
Okay, sounds excellent! Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to share the solution with other users here, it might be very helpful if someone will search for it. Of course, this is up to you! :slight_smile:

Good day!
Sorry, I have one issue figured out. I still need help with the browsing of the library :slight_smile:

Dear @ChristianWentz,
Okay, what exactly do you need help with? Users can go into folders and back, anything else that you need to achieve?

Hi - sorry for the lack of clarity.
On the new form, I want to set it up so that nothing shows in the list/library control until you click the NEW button. Right now it shows everything in the library.

Dear @ChristianWentz,
Okay, but you know how to set up a filter on the List or Library control, right? Why not set up a filter which shows nothing (some impossible condition), and then remove it on change.

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Hah! Right! Thanks. Sometimes I just need someone to remind me of something that I know that works.

Very often that is the result of my questions here. THanks :slight_smile: