List or Library Control - populate Word template quickparts - Sharepoint 2019

Hello Everyone!

I am building a Purchase Order form that contains a List or Library control which data source is a list that will contain all the ordered items (lookup to purchase order id). After form is submitted, I would like to populate a word template will all the ordered items (more than one).

Is it possible to insert for example a HTML table of ordered parts into Word via Content Controls? Or is there another way to do this?

I'm using on-premise Sharepoint 2019 with PowerAutomate.

Thank you!!

Hello @bowwowow,

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You can add Repeating Section Content Control in a Word template and then populate it with the list of the ordered items from the SharePoint list using PowerAutomate.

You can find a step by step instruction in our documentation here.

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Thank you! Can I use populate word template action for an Sharepoint 2019 on-premise library template?


I suppose yes if you will configure the template according to instructions and will be able to select the file in a flow action. You can try.