Load Data from attachment in a Sharepoint list in Template from Link

I have a flow in which attachments that are images are also transferred to the template from a list. This information is in a repeating block.
Due to the many base64-encoded images and the associated amount of data, the flow is very slow.
Is there a way to pass the link to the images to the template, which are then loaded in the template?
This would significantly reduce the amount of data and the execution time in the flow.
What should the template look like then?
Best regards

Hello Thomas! The picture formatter processes both base64 strings and publicly available URL links as images. There is no need to change anything in the template, just pass the links instead of the base64 strings in the flow.

Hi Evgeniy,
something is wrong with my json code. I'll upload it separately and also the template I got from you. Deleting the empty cells works perfectly. Thanks a lot.
I have added a line for the images. There are the following problems:

  1. i want the images to be next to each other if there are more than one. But they are each rendered individually in a new row.
  2. if I use the code
    the pictures are rendered into the document.
    I generate this json code with an Apply 2 Each loop and that is correspondingly slow.
    It would be better to use the code
    I create this code via a select action, but I cannot create an array of objects, only the array as in the code.
    How can I use the array in the document so that the images are rendered into the document.
    best regards
    Json-Mangelanlagen.json (2.5 MB)
    Begehungsbericht_Bauabschnitte_Einheiten.docm (40.7 KB)

Hello Thomas!

If you need to render an array of pictures, it can be done only through a repeatable element: a table row or a bullet list. And it will work only with an array of objects each of which contains a property with a single picture value, the array of the base64 strings won't work. Thus, token {{Mängeldaten.Einheitenliste.Mängelliste.Anlagen.Bilder}:picture(120)} will work and {{Mängeldaten.Einheitenliste.Mängelliste.Bilder}:picture(120)} will not. To render several pictures in one repeatable element (for example, in one table row), each object in the array should have several properties with pictures (for example, Bild1, Bild2, etc.). In this case, you can use several tokens in the table row:

{{Mängeldaten.Einheitenliste.Mängelliste.Anlagen.Bild1}:picture(120)} {{Mängeldaten.Einheitenliste.Mängelliste.Anlagen.Bild2}:picture(120)}

It will render multiple rows with two pictures in each. Thus, you need to re-structure the data source you provide for the document generation.

Please note that it should not get to the Apply to each control in the flow: in this case, you generate a separate document for each separate item in the array for which the control was created. To insert all the data into one file, you need to pass the entire array to the action. If you have issues with it, please share screenshots of your flow configuration with all actions unfolded.