Lookup - add new item

I am trying to achieve the following.

I have a contacts list which has a lookup field called companies which is linked to a companies list.

When a user wants to add a new contact and selects company but the company is not in the list - add a new value without exiting the form.

I am sure this is relatively simply but just can't seem to find an answer

Hello @Lensteruk,

To enable adding new records, please select the lookup field in Plumsail Forms editor and at the right panel go to Settings >> 'Add New' and choose True.


The user will see the button as on the screenshot when will start typing the text in the lookup field.


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Ahhhhhh the fog has cleared.. that's awesome.. knew it would be simple... thanks so much for this... :grinning::sunglasses: :+1:

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Is there a way from the control events to distinguish between Add Item and selecting from the drop down?