Lookup multi fields flashing on form loading

When loading my form (Edit mode), two Lookupmulti fields flash several times before becoming static. Is there a reason why this would be occurring? Example below:

CleanShot 2023-11-17 at 17.09.21

Both fields filter their results by another fields value (Site). I've tried removing the filter from both lookups to see if that would make any difference, which it did not.

Hello @Jaydius,

Thank you for reporting this! We have reproduced this issue and will fix it in future releases. I will keep you posted.

Thank you for your response. Is there anything you can suggest to address this issue in the meantime? Possibly hiding or setting the fields to read only for a time as the form loads then displaying/unlocking them once the page is loaded and the flickering should have stopped? Its very distracting and is affecting the experience for our users.


You can hide the parent grid cell by CSS class on form load and show it when fields are loaded:

    fd.field('LookupField').ready(function(field) {
        setTimeout(() => {
        }, 1000)

Hello @Jaydius,

We've published a fix for flashing Lookup fields. Please clear the browser cache and test the form. Please let me know how it works for you.

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Thank you for the update. Working as it should now!

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