Lookup value set automatically from URL Parameter - no ID

Dear Plumsail team,

is it possible to build javascript for auto populate lookup value from URL parameter for different field as is ID?

I checked
Fill lookup field automatically from Url Parameter - Forms / SharePoint Online - Plumsail Community
How to set lookup value automatically from link - Forms - Plumsail Community

Both work, but only when parameter is ID from lookup list. Should be possible to build it from different unique field? In this case mid? ( created manualy text-field )

Eg link:

and in form will see


Thank you

Dear @Lubomir,
The Lookup field doesn't have to be present on the form to be auto-populated, it's just important for connection. Of course, you can use other types of fields for filtering, but you'll need to use JavaScript in this case and apply your own custom CAML filter - Filter List or Library by CAML in a SharePoint form — SharePoint forms