Managed metadata - create DOCX with different localization

I tried to look up for the topics about documents and managed metadata column, but I have not found out anything linked to this issue.

Under one account I have "Czech" localization - so managed metadata are in Czech language.
Under another account I have "English" localization, so I can see managed metadata in English.

When I run Power Automate flow under Czech account, it will create .DOCX document from template with "Czech" managed metadata.
When I run Power Automate flow under English account, it will create .DOCX document from template with "English" managed metadata.

Is there any way how to handle localization?
The case is when a user from Czechia wants to run Power Automate flow to publish document for entire company with HQ in Germany, so the managed metadata should be in German. Is it even possible to handle these situations?

Thank you so much

Hi @StepanS,

You can create processes with different local in Plumsail and add Start document generation process in your flow depending on the PowerAutomate account.

or do you share the same flows among all your Power Automate accounts?

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Hello @Petr ,

I did the template by myself locally like creating a template and manually added these lines to a WORD document.


And then I used Plumsail Documents Actions in Power Automate to create Word document based on the template. So I have not used this generator online under Plumsail account.

But yeah, I have one Power Flow for unlimited users who create documents and then run one Power Automate Flow.

The service account under which I run the Power Automate (PA) flow is in "English" and every flow runs under this account which has permission to do operations in PA flow.

I hope I did explain it clearly, otherwise let me know if not :slight_smile:


Hi @StepanS,

From the Plumsail side, you can create several Processes (with different locales or templates) or API keys and use them in the flow.

However, I think running different flows is possible depending on the account used in Power Automate. I think it's better to ask in their community

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Hi @Petr ,
thank you, I will try to handle it.

Kind regards