Manager ID or Name?

When we use the search field within the orgchart, it shows me the person i’m looking for the last line looks like it is trying to display the Manager Display Name but instead is showing the Manager Internal ID which includes some junk characters before the person’s name: i:0#f.[membership| xxxxx

If I want to display the Manager’s Name, what field should I use? Manager (Manager) displays the odd character before their name.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for your question.

Currently there is no quick way to display manager display name. You have only account name of manager in current Org Chart item.

I can suggest workaround which requires basic JavaScript skills. You can specify custom JavaScript to display name dynamically. Open the configuration wizard, switch to “Custom JavaScript” step. Then use our JavaScript framework to subscribe for search result rendering event. See onSearchResultRendered on this page as example. Then use function renderer.dataProvider.getBoxGroupItemDataById to get information about manager and put it dynamically into search result.

I prepared ready to use code for you.

  1. Open the configuration wizard.
  2. Switch to “Search result template” step
  3. Switch to HTML mode
  4. Put the code below to HTML editor of template

[code]{{#if PictureURL}}

{{safeImage PictureURL}}
  1. Switch to “Custom JavaScript” step.
  2. Put the code below into the JavaScript editor

function(event, searchResult, itemData){

var managerId = itemData["Manager"];

  renderer.dataProvider.getBoxGroupItemDataById(managerId, function(managerData){
    var managerPreferredName = managerData.Properties["PreferredName"];
    var $managerField = searchResult.$elem.find(".pl-manager-name");

  }, function(){
    console.log("Unable to get manager");


  1. Finish the wizard

Ok, thanks for the script. We don’t have a lot of javascript experience so this is probably too complex of a solution for us but I will give it try.
[ul]Can you explain why those extra characters appear in the first place though? [/ul][ul] Can I get rid of them someplace else? [/ul] [ul] Why would someone use that field (Manager) and not want to see what I’m expecting to see (the manager’s name)? [/ul]

Thanks again!

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your questions.

I described your actions step by step. So, I’m sure you can do it quickly. Just follow the steps.

Extra characters are the part of account name in Office 365. It is how Microsoft implemented it. It is how an account name looks internally.

Where do you want to display it? Could you describe your case?

Org Chart provides access to user profile properties as is. It is how manager is stored in user profile. We can implement more friendly functionality to display manager’s display name. But it is paid support. You can send us request for estimation to [email protected].

Best regards
Anton Khritonenkov