Merge PDF "Error: End-of-File, expected line"

In Microsoft Flow, I am using the Create PDF from HTML action to create PDFs from the attached files, which creates each document successfully. Then I adding the file contents to an array and using the Merge PDF action to create a single PDF. However, the Merge PDF action fails with error "Error: End-of-File, expected line". Any ideas for what is happening here?

Hello @physics515,

Please share with me the MS flow screenshot and , if it’s possiblde, the source documents. You can send them as a private message.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team

No, I can’t share them as they are proprietary company files. I can test it again with different files later today and see if I get a similar result.

However, the part that is confusing is that the “Convert to PDF” action has no problem converting the original files to PDF. It is the “Merge PDF” action that is giving me the error. So, it would seem to me that it is a problem with the PDFs generated by PlumSail that is throwing the error, not the original files.

That or I guess it could be a problem with the array that I am using to construct the merge function. I will run non-proprietary files through it and give you the result.

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