Microsoft announcement about add-ins

What exactly does this mean? I cannot believe Microsoft would prevent users from using the tools they want and need to use

Starting April 2, 2026, SharePoint add-ins will be retired for SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and users will no longer be able to use SharePoint add-ins. Installing SharePoint add-ins from the SharePoint Store will not be possible as of July 1, 2024. Learn more about the retirement of add-ins

Hello Chris! Most of Plumsail products are SharePoint framework solutions (SPFx packages) and add-in retirement will not affect them. But we have some features that are still tied with the SharePoint store, for example widget for HelpDesk, and work on implementing the required changes to keep it working after April 2, 2026. I believe other software developers do the same and will provide alternatives for their users. Also there are legacy products (like Forms and Cross-site Lookup for classic UI) that will stop working unfortunately.

UPD: Charts (Dashboard Designer) will not be affected.


Can you be more specific please; will any SPO products stop working? We use forms for SPO.


Hi! Plumsail Forms will continue working, Forms for classic UI (formerly Forms Designer) will not.

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