Mobile Browser View


I’m currently getting a blank page when accessing HelpDesk via a mobile browser even though the setting is active in the Site Settings. Is there a known issues or limitation with this view?



Hi David,

You need to switch to PC view in your mobile phone. Thus, you will see help desk markup.

You also can place help desk widget (for requester only) to some other place and use it from mobile.

Best regards,
Anton Khritonenkov

Thanks Anton, been testing on an iPhone and even when I request the Desktop Site I’m still seeing a blank page…

Hi David,

I assume you tried to use feature of mobile browser "Request desktop view". As I know it doesn't work for SharePoint. You have to manually switch to PC view in SharePoint mobile interface.

Anyway, I would recommend you to open help desk site using PC, navigate to site features and deactivate this feature:

Once you did this, help desk site will be always opened in desktop view for mobile devices. It will affect only help desk site.