Moved document column resets to content type default

I have a weird problem. I am moving document with a custom content type from one site to another, using the Move Document custom action. Everything works fine, but one of the column (Month, integer between 1 and 12) value does not transfer. The value set from a 2010 workflow running on the current item. I log into history that the field gets set correctly. After the move, the document gets added to the destination library, but with the default value instead the one I set.
Interestingly, the Year column, which set the same way, transfers perfectly and overrides the default value correctly. Do you have any suggestions why could this happen?
Thanks for your help!

Hello Elizabeth,
Could you clarify, does this content type exist on target site collection?
Please, check that internal name of field in the source library is the same with internal name in the target library.
Also if this doesn’t solve the issue, could you provide list templates of both libraries (you can send it to [email protected]). This will help us to find solution quicker.
The link bellow can help you to create list template
Create a list template

I am moving between sites on the same site collection and the lists are both using the same content type. The Month field is defined as part of the content type. Do you still want to see the list templates?

Yes, please. It would help us to research the issue.

Hello Elizabeth,
We researched the issue and your content type (CT) seems absolutely normal.

We were not able to reproduce the issue on our side.

Could you create two new separate document libraries using the same content type and try to copy documents between them to ensure that the issue is not related to content type?

Thank you.

As it turns out, the issue was caused by the sub workflow and it is not related to the custom action components. This ticket can be closed now.
Thanks for your help!