Multi assistents


Is it possible to add more than one assistent to a person?

And if it is how should the assistents column be configured using a Sharepointlist for org. Chart

Charlotte Cramer

Hello Charlotte,
Unfortunately, Org Chart doesn’t support multiple assistants to the same person out of the box.

If you still want to use the feature to show assistants, I recommend you to set up a lookup field to do so.

Best regards,
Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.

ok, could you elaborate about set up a lookup field? We need this functionality so it would be fine to accomplish this.

Hi @chacr,

Please review this article for more information about configuration of assistants.

If you use SharePoint list as a data source and list item ID as an ID of an employee, you can create a lookup field in your SharePoint list, that looks at the list itself. Then pick this new column as Assistant field in Org Chart fields mappings.

Yes but a lookup field only gives possibility for 1 assistent to 1 person. The Assistent field only takes the first id of the column.

Hi @chacr,

I’m sorry for the confusion. I described a way to configure regular assistants. As @andrelima mentioned above, multiple assistants are not supported in Plumsail Org Chart.

Our paid support team can add this functionality for you. Please send a message describing your case to [email protected] if you are interested in it.