Multi-line Text Formatting

Hi, I am experiencing an issue in Display mode, the multi-line text fields do not wrap anymore.

There is no issue in Edit Mode, it worked in the past , removing custom css , doesn’t make a change.

Dear @kb_tt,

Could you please provide the screenshot?

Hi @AlexZver

Please see the screenshot below, i just created a test to illustrate. I never experienced this issue before, but it seems the css generated for the display form may have changed.

I was able to remediate by using the following

.fd-sp-field-note.col-form-label > div{
** white-space:normal !important;**

However, I would like to know if there was a change or if it was just me.

Dear @kb_tt,

The issue is reproduced and added to the bug tracking system, I’ll keep you up to date.

Dear @kb_tt,

The issue has been fixed, please clear the browser cache completely and try again.

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