Multiline Append History

I have several "comments" fields, which are SharePoint Multiline with appended text columns, like so:

I am trying to render PDFs that display all of the comment history for each item, but have read that by the time the Power Automate Flow picks up the changed item, the "Append" has already committed to the list and there is nothing to capture.

In this illustration, a reviewer has left several comments. I'd like to create a PDF containing all of the appending comments together and send it to stakeholders who may not have access to the form.


Maybe there is a better way to handle this, maybe by send all of the comments to another list? Open for creative thinkers!

Thank you in advance.

Dear @shedev,
You'll need to send HTTP request to SharePoint to grab the comments:
Screenshot 2021-03-03 184118

Taken from here, read for more info - Solved: display values from "append changes to existing te... - Power Platform Community