Multiline text is not sent as multiline


we are using Send E-Mail with Attachments (SMTP) to send the content of multi-line text field submitted through infopath form, where to maintain the multi-line in the text field we automatically append the following hex to each added line " " as per the following … 85577.aspx

however workflow email action does not recognise the “” " " tags and send the content flat without multi line

we tried the default SPD email action and it sends the content as it should be with multi line

would you please help ?


Could you please try to use “
” tag instead of " "

Hi Roman;
thanks for your reply …

it didn’t work niether in textfield nor in Send E-Mail with Attachments (SMTP) Action …

any update please ?

can anyone help on this ? i started thinking to shift to harepoint workflow extension because of this issue


Please write me directly at [email protected] we can setup screen sharing session to solve the issue.

I am having the same issue. What was the resolution for this issue?


Please write me at [email protected]


Has anyone figured out a solution to this issue?