Multiple Choice Format for Export (Processes)

I have a process created for our form. This generates a Word file from our template.
How do I format the multiple choice field, to produce the below?

Currently: ["check1","check2","check3"], where check1, 2, and 3, are our 3 checkboxes.

I want: check1, check2, check3 - separated with comma if more than one, and without coma if just one item checked.


Hello @Viorel,

If you use Plumsail Forms then I'd recommend changing the multiple choice to toggles


Each toggle returns true/false value when the multiple choice returns an array and it’s a bit difficult to extract the individual values.

Alternativelly, you can use Join formatter to separate the array values.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

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Amazing! That's what I'll use then.

I wish the multiple choice field was formatted better so the result is more readable.

Thank you, Petr!

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