Multiple Choice - get selected items

If I have a multiple choice field on a Public Form, how do I use JS to test which options, if any, the user has checked?

Hello @donald.kantik,

You can check if user selected specific option using the code:

fd.field('MultiChoice1').value.includes('Item 1');

it returns either true - if the value is selected or false - if not.

Thanks, that worked great.

How do I add space between the options in my Multiple Choice?


You can add padding between options using CSS:

.fd-form .fd-checkbox-group>.row, .fd-form .fd-radio-group>.row {
    padding: 5px;

Perfect - thanks!

I have not had much luck finding any documentation/examples of CSS statements like this. Is there someplace I should look rather than asking you every time I need one?


There is no list of the existing CSS classes.

You can always ask us or browse the community for an answer. Also, you can find the CSS classes using the browser developers tool (F12).